Why Renewable Energy?



Our planet is increasingly challenged on multiple levels:  depletion of natural resources, increasing emissions of CO2, climate change, population growth, emerging nations wanting higher standards of living, political unrest, failing states, rampant hunger in more and more countries.   And with the population growth comes the need for energy to power the homes, the cars, the boats, the planes, the appliances and devices that characterize modern, civilized living.  Fossil fuels that powered the industrial revolution in the West are dwindling, prices are rising while increasing demand for oil outpaces supply.

While fossil fuels are in finite supply, solar energy is boundless - and free.  Enough solar energy falls on the earth in one hour to supply all of the globe’s energy needs for one full year.  And converting that energy to electricity is done today with solar, photovoltaic modules made from another virtually endless resource - sand. 

In an effort to support the growth of renewable energy solutions and to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power, Germany initiated in the 1990’s a program to compensate independent energy producers for electricity produced.  Compensation was guaranteed for 20 years under a so-called feed-in-tariff (FIT) program.  In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Germany installed over 7 gigawatts (GW) of systems.  2012 figures of 7.6 GW in Germany set a new record for installations per year.  Total installations to date in Germany now exceed 31 GW.  In Italy, PV power production accounted for 5.6% of total electric demand in 2012.

Germany’s program decreased the country’s dependence on foreign oil, and, at the same time, created a new industry with thousands of jobs added and millions of euros in new tax revenue.  At the same time it created an attractive investment environment giving investors a 20 year window on future returns.  Investors annually invest millions of euros into the acquisition of long-term, solar PV assets in Europe.  The reasons?  Attractive returns on investment, safety, longevity, track record, availability, sustainability.  The FIT concept pioneered by Germany quickly spread to dozens of other countries. 

Renewable Energy Solutions was founded in 2010 primarily to support investor acquisitions of renewable energy assets.  Working with investor mandates, RES sources PV assets conforming to investing profile:  country, region, technology, return, risk.

For developers seeking a longterm Investor / Owner and/or project finance, RES provides retainer based services to connect feasible projects to worthy investors or financial institutions. 

In recent years, in addition to sourcing new assets, RES also purchases under-performing solar PV assets.  RES will  identify the reasons for under-performance and, where feasible, buy, repair and own the plant.  If your plant falls into this category, contact us here and we will respond to you within 24 hours.  Where the investor / owner does not wish to sell, RES will manage the renewal and restoration. 

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