Solutions for Under-Performing Plants


Plant Purchase:  RES will purchase under-performing solar assets directly from the investor / owner.  Whatever the owner’s reason for divesting, RES will make an offer based on location, type of components, cost to repair and restore, desirability of the plant, FIT, financing, etc. Contact us directly at +49 160 714 0949 or via email at

Diagnose / Report / Repair: RES will perform an assessment of the plant to provide the investor with an independent, third party opinion of the plant, the components, construction quality, condition, standard of maintenance, cost to repair, etc.  Such an assessment and intervention can be a one, two or three step procedure:

Step 1General Plant Assessment:  This is a short, onsite, preliminary effort to provide the investor with the general reasons for under-performance and to indicate what can be done to restore profitability.  Typically this report identifies the primary reasons for under performance.  Time and cost depends uniquely on the size and location of the plant, however, in general it can be done in 1 or 2 business days at an average cost of 3.500 €, plus travel costs, if any. 

Step 2Certified Engineering Assessment:  Based upon learnings from Step 1 it may be necessary to carry out a thorough, in-depth study of the root causes of the failures identified in Step 1 above.   Length and cost varies from plant to plant and case to case.  Prior to proceeding with Step 2, however, a scope of work will be defined and agreed.  Generally, RES will perform a certified engineering assessment (TÜV Rhineland, Germany) of the plant and provide the investor with a report detailing each and every technical issue - electrical or mechanical - impacting the plant’s profitability.  The report will contain an in-depth analysis of defective components, construction quality, etc. and the cost to repair and restore.  Depending upon the specific technical issues, this could require an additional 2 – 5 days with the cost to be quoted in the scope of work document. 

Step 3Repair and Restore: RES will repair the plant and restore it to it’s operating potential.  Contact us at +49 160 714 0949 or via email at