Developers Seeking Financing


Services Provided

1) Acquire a thorough understanding of the critical project elements - advantages and disadvantages. 

2) Assemble an informative and professional document outlining the viable and critical issues important to the investor and approved by the developer.

3) Prepare a financial model quantifying the ROI, IRR, etc and justifying the investment (based upon 100% developer-provided data).

4) Initiate contact with the appropriate investors.

5) On demonstration of interest, execute the appropriate legal documents for protection of the developer and RES. 

6) Submit the project package to the investor for review.

  1. 7)Bring developer and investor into direct contact. 


If funding is successful, a success fee of 1.5% is payable upon financial closing.  If direct contacts are not made, the process will continue without additional retainer fee until such contact is made, or, at the discretion of RES, the fee may be refunded. 

(NOTE:   RES is not responsible for decisions made by the investor.  Success or failure of the funding effort is independent of fees paid to RES.  Investors look carefully at many opportunities and direct contact with the investor should not be confused with a decision to fund.  RES will make every effort to assist the developer in the funding process , however, the ultimate decision rests with the investor based upon details  approved by the developer.  Multiple factors influence the final decision:  timing, merits of the project, price, current investing environment, availability of funds, legal and environmental issues, investor appetite, change in law, personal chemistry, country risk, project finance, etc. can all impact an investor’s decision to participate.)


Identifying Suitable Investors

A global network of international investors and funds allows makes it possible to offer retainer-based services for developers wishing to make direct, investor contact. 

The challenge in identifying investment funds specializing in solar PV, wind, geothermal or other renewable energy projects is formidable.  Knowing that a fund invests in a particular renewable space is generally not sufficient.  Funds often employ dozens of analysts, specialists, traders, etc. and getting a project in front of the right person at the right fund at the right time can be challenging. 

Renewable Energy Solutions will assist and drive this process for valid projects that are deemed feasible.  The effort is typically 30 - 90 days and the deliverable is 2 - 4, face-to-face meetings with qualified investors in the sector.  On execution of the retainer contract, the process proceeds as follows:


Retainer Based Services